Transition Statement To The Congregation

Victor Irizarry, Shawn McCracken, Robert Williams, Buddy Walker & Robb Elmatti

This is a teaching from our Sunday morning services. You can download the mp3 or listen using the player below

The Transition Statement

For the last number of years, we have been in a process of transition. Pastor Buddy Walker has seen increased success and fruit from trans-local and international apostolic ministry. Short term mission trips have increased from 1 per year to 3-5. Missions Without Borders (MWOB) is now a fully functional non-profit, missions and church planting ministry serving in partnership with several other organizations. Church planting initiatives are increasing every year. Buddy is taking on more and more responsibility, not just with MWOB, but several other ministries including Dynamic Church Planting International and MasterBuilders Fellowship of Churches.

The church has been under the care of a pastoral team made up of Buddy Walker, Shawn McCracken, and Robert Williams. The time has come to release Buddy from the responsibilities associated with leading the pastoral team, casting vision and serving as one of the pastors to the local congregation. Gospel Tabernacle as a local congregation has been faithful to support Buddy. We will continue to support Buddy financially from the Tithes & Offerings, along with Shawn and Robert. Buddy, Shawn, and Robert will continue to work as a team, with a Council of Elders, developing the overall vision of apostolic ministry to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

We believe, in consultation with our Elders and other trusted counselors, the time has come for the local congregational ministry, to be re-launched under Shawn’s visionary, pastoral leadership. This is a time to plant Gospel Tabernacle as a seed, allowing the old to die in order for new life to spring forth. The new plant will bear a multiplication of the original seed. This new church will be known by a new name, with a fresh statement of vision, values, and mission. It will be free to define itself in the context of current culture, without being fettered by issues from the past.

For the last several years, the congregation has invested in Shawn’s preparation for leadership, through both theological education and practical training. Shawn will be released to fully function in the creative and spiritual gifts that God has placed within him. Along with a newly formed launch team, Shawn is developing fresh vision for the new church. Robert will continue to work in team to support both Buddy and Shawn in various aspects of Apostolic and Pastoral ministry. Robert is also envisioning a new apostolic ministry focused on reaching unattached people in surrounding communities. This ministry to our “Samaria” will involve other local ministries as God leads, as well as “home missionaries” who sense a calling to live on mission to people in the U.S. It is our ultimate prayer to see a new multi-ethnic church planted in a nearby community. We will be sharing more details on this later.

If you have any questions about this transition, please do not hesitate to ask one of our elders. We earnestly are asking God that there be no confusion as to what is happening. Please continue to pray for us, as we seek the Lord, and as we begin a new season of sowing and expecting to reap a future harvest.