VBS sees 37 Professions of Faith

VBS is in full swing! Northpointe Fellowship has joined forces with Engaging Life to present the best VBS ever to the Boys and Girls Club. The theme this year is THE ARMOR OF GOD from Ephesian chapter 6. Today was amazing as we saw 37 children make a profession of faith to invite Jesus to be their savior! Please pray with us that this will be more than a one time decision and that they would truly live for Jesus and become His disciples.

Today, we looked at the shoes of the gospel (good news) of peace. The kids learned that in the very beginning there was GOD... He created everything, including you and me. He told man and woman to obey him. They decided to be disobedient and go against what GOD told them and ushered sin into the world. Sin separated the fellowship we had with GOD, who used to walk with us in the cool of the day. That separation may as well be as huge as the Grand Canyon. All along, just like our ancestors, Adam and Eve, we tried everything to fill the great chasm caused by our sin. Mankind has tried hiding, covering up, blaming someone else, being as perfect as we possibly can be... all with no effect! The gap is still too wide. We are still separated from GOD, who is holy, because we continue to be disobedient. The Bible says that the only thing that pays for sin is death. A death sentence. But GOD had a plan!! GOD sent his son, JESUS to die in our place, so that we would not have to. The vast hole in our relationship with GOD was bridged by JESUS. He paid the price by His grace. Now, if we believe in JESUS and accept this free gift of grace by our faith in Him, we will have eternal life. We will be saved! We will be GOD's friends and walk with him once more... fellowship uninterrupted.

Posted by Shawn McCracken on July 12th and tagged Jesus, VBS, good news, gospel, plan, salvation, sin