The Kingdom is like treasure

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“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.” Matt 13:44 (NLT)

Matthew chapter 13 contains some amazing parables that Jesus tells to reveal the wonder and majesty of His kingdom and the sheer life changing enjoyment that it can bring. One of these is found in verse 44; likening the kingdom of God/heaven to treasure. A disciple or kingdom citizen will find this treasure by the grace of God and hide it in the field of their heart. In their excitement of discovering this treasure; the good news of the Kingdom, coming face to face with Jesus, will cause wholesale change. They sell everything they have to be able to buy (maybe better stated, in order to have room for) the field that contains this treasure that they realize is far greater than what they already have their life filled with.

A mere spectator, a person within the “crowd” or “multitude” that follows Jesus from afar will find this remarkable treasure and bury it again. They will then drive by it and sometimes lament that they don’t have enough to buy it. Why don’t they? Because they want it AND what they already have their life filled with. Make no mistake, they are attracted by the treasure, see its worth, but don’t want to completely commit all of their time or resources into one investment. They like it, but would rather keep their options open. They will visit it, handle it, throw a church service around it, devote a day of their week to it (I don’t know, perhaps a Sunday?), but they will not own it!

A critic or a person with a religious mindset or spirit will find problems with the field or the box in which the treasure is stored in and reject the treasure because of their perceived understanding of what holds the treasure. They have their own box and their own field. They question the treasure, because they don’t really need it, because they are so awesome and earn their own treasure. Their field looks so much better than the other one.

Have you discovered this treasure yourself? Are you a disciple, a spectator, or a religious critic? Is Jesus one of many, or is He your one and only? What will you do with His Kingdom?

Posted by Shawn McCracken on March 14th and tagged Matthew 13:44, ctric, disciple, kingdom, religious, spectator, treasure