Help Needed For Terri Blount

I think most of our church is aware that my mom (Terri Blount) was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to both her liver and spine a few months ago. Some of you have also asked how you could help, so here is a bit of information.


To stay updated with what is going on with my mom and our family you can read the blog that a friend of the family keeps updated. It will have the most current information and most of the time updates will be posted there before I even know about them.

Practical Needs

If you'd like to help practically, you can take the family a meal. My mom and dad are blessed with five young adopted children (on top of their 5 grown adult children) and my sister and her husband are helping watch the kids most of the time. Because they both teach in elementary schools near Clermont they are spending a lot of time driving and need help both with gas and with meals for the kids.

If you'd like to prepare a meal, you can sign-up here. All the details can also be found on that website.

If you'd prefer to help out financially you can email and I'll work with you to make that happen.

Thank You

Thanks so much for your prayers and continued help. As a church we've already contributed a few meals and $100 toward gas and groceries for my family and I'm intensely grateful to be a part of a church that is so caring and generous.

Posted by Joshua Blount on May 22nd and tagged cancer, generosity, service