Empty Jars

I have spoken to several people lately that are really crying out to God for answers, direction, empowerment, and revival in their lives. Many are feeling empty or at the very least only half full. Many are going through a process of God emptying them so that they will be available to be filled. God actively refining us through this process is certainly a joy, but not void of pain and discomfort. As we attempt to draw near to Him, the heat ‘in the kitchen’ rises as the impurities in us are brought to the surface. God is holy and expects us to be holy (set apart for His service). There seems to be a genuine yearning and expectation for a move of God in their lives, while still battling doubt, unbelief, and impatience. “Will this be the day that God speaks?”

It’s rather easy to use cliché religious terminology like, “God wants to fill you.” However removed from our culture that phrase may sound today, does not make it less true. God wants to fill you! A widow cried out to God’s prophet, Elisha concerning her need. A creditor was coming to take away her two sons as slaves to pay for her great debt. Elisha asked her, “What do you have?” She replied, “Nothing at all,” nothing! Well--- “except a little oil.” Elisha instructed her to gather up empty jars; not just a few. Take the jars and fill them all with oil. Yes, the very same small portion of oil that she had left to her name. She and her sons did this. The oil did not stop flowing until all the jars were full and there was not a jar left.

If we desire to be filled with God’s Spirit, His active presence; we need empty jars. Not just a few. What containers or partitions in our lives need emptied? Which ones are ready to be poured into? His oil will not stop flowing until these jars are full!

Posted by Shawn McCracken on March 30th and tagged 2 Kings 4:1-7, Spirit, empty, filled, full, oil